Why is it essential to have your wedding photographer take your engagement portraits….?

Some of you have asked, so I felt the need to explain a little bit more in detail.  We at Semm-Faber Photography have put our packages together so that we have the opportunity to photograph your engagement portraits before your big day.  Why is this?

I feel that the most important aspect of my profession is not only telling your story but knowing what story that is to tell.  How can I experience you and your love for one another without;

  1. meeting you prior                                                                                                            and
  2. having a fun relaxed portrait session

Not to mention it’s like “trying before you buy.”  We have all experienced going to the mall and seeing a pair of shoes that you just LOVE and for some reason you feel the need to HAVE these shoes.  So you journey around to find the nearest sales rep to retrieve the shoes in your size (Oh please let them have them…) you put them on and well, let’s just say they either;

  • Do not fit.
  • Are lacking in personality                                                                                              or
  • They are cheap (or too expensive) and the experience is not an enjoyable one.

Do you still buy the shoes?  Nope. You move on and find the right fitting shoes with the right class and style and you take these shoes on many different travels throughout owning them.  That is the relationship we want with you!  Not only do we want to be there for the beginning but every adventure you two decide to encounter.  I promise you will not be disappointed in our style, service or relationship.

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