There’s a Bun in the Oven | Maternity Photography | Orlando Maternity Photographer

Back almost 19 years ago I met this beauty, my best friend, Erika.  We were both Freshmen in high school and were the only two to make the JV cheerleading squad.  Little did I know that it was the beginning to the most wonderful friendship I would ever have.  This lady has been with me through the good, the bad, ups and downs.  We’ve had a few falling outs but have somehow always found our way back to each other.  If someone were to ask me if I believed in soul mates I would have to answer yes.  She was and is my friendship soul mate.  She has shown me unconditional love, respect and even some disapproval when needed.


Now that we are both married we move on to make even more of our own personal worlds.  I became a mom almost four years ago, and now it’s her turn.  She has found her true love soul mate in her husband, Jason.  They have tried off and on to have a child of their own and for some reason only God can answer he decided to make them wait.  Now, in just 2-3 weeks they will welcome a beautiful baby girl into the world.  Words cannot express how excited I am for the two of them, and how anxious I am to meet this reproduction of some of the best people I have ever known.

To this dear little girl I write, “you are already so very loved little one and I hope and pray that you never feel any less than the indescribable amount that is.”

I love you Erika.  Thank you for being my “bestie”, my “Ka”, my sister from another mister, my friendship soul mate and more importantly believing in me even when I fell.

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