Flower Friday | Wedding Inspiration | Orlando Wedding Photographer

Hey Couples!  What is your take on having Kale as one of your floral options for your upcoming day?  Danielle, one of our June Brides, did not think it was even an option until her floral designer Dana Dineen added some to her bouquet and centerpieces.  The arrangements turned out gorgeous and who would have thought.



In 2016, greenery seems to be the hype of floral arrangements and centerpieces for weddings and celebrations says Bridal Guide.  Not only is Kale an option but sprigs of basil and mint, potted plants and herbs are adding an awesome tone on tone feel.  Bridal Guide explains that the “tone on tone explosion” as they call it is becoming all the rave.  “When you mix multiple flowers of the same color it can create an ombre feel.”  They continue on for the hottest trends to expect in 2016 and you can view the entire article here.

Floret Flowers adds to this “green vibe” with stating that flower walls are going to be all the rave for ceremony sites in there article.  Again with the foodie vibe, couples are tending to lean towards adding food elements into their wedding florals and centerpieces.  Coffee beans, herbs, edibles (kale and carrot) as well as thorn-less fruiting vines describes Floret.

How exciting!  I am beyond stoked to be able to photograph these emerging wedding trends.  What are your thoughts? Are you going to add some beautiful fragrant herbs or lovely aromas of coffee to your tables?


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