Happy 4th of July | Proud to be an American | United


Photo Credit : http://sites.psu.edu/lifedownunderwithgabby/2014/01/21/what-does-your-nations-flag-mean-to-you/

  Have a safe and Happy Holiday everyone! 

Happy Mother’s Day | Orlando Wedding Photographer | Semm-Faber Photography

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of the women out there who make the world go ’round and what better way than to show off my Mama!  She was a single mom who raised my bro and I all on her own.  Like many of the Hallmark Cards say, “I’m not a Stipper and I am not in jail!” You must have done something right!

Love you!

Me and My Mama


Our Baby Citrus Tree

Just wanted to share a few spring time photos with you.  Our little Baby tree is not just blooming but producing bigger fruit than last year.  Only 5 more years and we’ll finally be able to eat the fruit.  Until then I’ll just keep taking picutres 🙂